Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Every business conversation today revolves around SMAC Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics. The cloud is empowering enterprises to transform their businesses by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market. Cloud is the cornerstone of a future-ready enterprise.

Optimize, scale, manage and outsource your IT resources Enable your employees to work with an anywhere, anytime, any device experience Control your costs and lower up-front investments Transform to an agile business and a dynamic growth engine

Cloud Advisory

Enterprises are increasingly looking towards gaining competitive advantage through collaboration, process agility, and innovative business models, at low costs. Cloud solutions bring this much-needed flexibility to enterprises to develop capabilities needed to innovate and seize new business opportunities. The challenge lies around identifying and developing a cloud strategy that helps meet key business goals. Your enterprise needs to build a comprehensive Cloud migration strategy and develop a clear Cloud Roadmap, to extract the best out of the cloud. Our Cloud Advisory Services enable you to analyze and understand how your business applications are hosted in the current environment and carry out an in-depth analysis of your applications’ amenability towards Cloud. Our Cloud Advisory Services also assesses the Cloud readiness of your applications and develops the right Cloud roadmap and Cloud strategy for your enterprise. Modernizing and migrating your applications to the Public Cloud allows your enterprise to become agile, scalable, and flexible while eliminating CAPEX and drastically reducing the Total cost of ownership (TCO) Our Big Data products include pre-built solutions and solution accelerators for myriad use cases across a wide variety of industries. These solutions are built using proven components of the Big Data ecosystem, enabling a quicker time-to-market for you and easier integration with existing big data investments.

ServiceNXT Cloud Operations Center

Whether you use traditional data centers, virtualized environments, an on/off-premise private cloud public clouds or hybrid clouds, Veritas soft solutions provides the ideal platform to Provision, Configure, Secure, Monitor And Manage your applications and Cloud infrastructure transforming your enterprise to have a seamless Hybrid Cloud experience. With Veritas soft solutions, your business can achieve significant benefits, including:

Unified Service Management with centralized policy management and workflow automation Centralized Dashboard of SLA and Assets spanning multiple cloud environments Enhanced business agility and faster time to market with resource elasticity and high scalability Compliance and monitoring of services in the cloud environment Analytic modeling for predicting the future capacity requirements and application response times Workflow and processes automation across the proposed and third-party solutions and platforms Self-Service Provisioning of machines on demand directly based on preconfigured approval workflows Chargeback to internal Business Units based on consumption